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The Messy Middle: Trying to Conceive Baby # 2 & It doesn't happen *right away*

I'm now 20 weeks pregnant with our second baby! I filmed this to share how I was feeling along the TTC journey and didn't realize I was also capturing my last cycle before we found out we were pregnant again.

My body needed a preparation period each time I've wanted to have a child and I share this video with you to show the journey looks different for each of us.

Some will get pregnant quickly, others may need a few months like me, while others enter a longer waiting period.

We learn so much from the process and in this video I'm sharing:

  • how long it took for us to get pregnant again

  • the positive changes I noticed with my cycle that helped my body heal from our first baby and become aligned again for another pregnancy

  • whether or not I temperature track

  • the early pregnancy symptoms I noticed

  • what TTC taught me about my own personal growth

  • when I actually take a pregnancy test to avoid a false negative

It's been an up and down journey, and I hope this helps you wherever you are on yours.


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