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What is Masculine & Feminine Energy?

Whether you're a man or woman, we all have masculine and feminine energy. You embody both and can use each to better navigate your life.

A persistent trend is women operating too much in our masculine energy, particularly at work which then leaks into our personal life, and we forget to balance our feminine side. Because our bodies fluctuate monthly, if we push past our points of exhaustion, we'll become more susceptible to burnout.

Our bodies are more sensitive to stress right before and during our period. This added pressure then leads to elevated stress hormones. Which can cause cycle issues, infertility, period problems, and feeling more stressed out than we actually are.

We all react to stress differently.

Some women turn to food or alcohol as a way to calm down. Others will tune out with too much shopping or TV. Personally, I turned to too much exercise.

We all have our little ways of coping, but this makes us feel disconnected with our true selves. Understanding your masculine and feminine energies will make navigating your life so much easier!

Here's the breakdown:

We need both sides to feel happy and inspired in our life. It's so important to our health, that I included it in week 8 of the Balanced Bombshells Lifestyle Plan! As you work through the program and find balance with your food, fitness, and work habits, the last piece of the puzzle is making sure your energy centers are aligned 😊

Looking at these lists:

1. are there areas in your life where your energies are unbalanced?

2. what do you need to change in order to create more/less masculine or feminine energy?

For example, in my work I tend to be too masculine driven. I'd catch myself rushing through the process and only focus on the end result. When I'd call on my feminine energy to enjoy the journey more, I was able to start seeing new avenues I never thought of before, which actually made the project 10 times better! So while my masculine energy was motivating me to succeed, I couldn't get there without allowing more compassion and a sense of fluidity enter in.

Or, many other women feel they are too stuck in the feminine where they don't feel motivated to fully complete tasks. They'll get started, but find they never finish. If this has ever happened to you, challenge your masculine energy to focus on one thing at a time until the task is complete. Set a timer on your phone for 30 minutes and stay focused until the timer goes off!



I've been really into oracle card readings to increase my feminine energy. Check out this YouTube video to master your two energy centers and hear the spiritual message I pulled from our new oracle card deck! Something tells me you'll love hearing this message today 😊



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