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Channel Your Inner Buddha - What to Eat to Ditch Worry & Nervousness

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Your day is filled with a wide range of emotions - people pleasing, perfectionism, guilt, shame, joy, confidence, happiness, overwhelm, and boredom - just to name a few. With the current climate (i.e. Coronavirus), it's natural to feel uncertainty for the future.

Just like you ground yourself before and during your period, there are some foods you can be eating that will make you feel more safe and secure.

Save this food list for later too. There's bound to be more challenging and uncertain life situations where you'll need more support. Or strategically eat these if your period is less than stellar. They'll help with that too!

Traditional Chinese medicine views physical health and emotions as directly connected. This means their viewpoint attaches emotion to our internal organs. So if you've been feeling nervous or worrying, this will give insight into which organs need more support.

Your pancreas helps with digestion and hormone function.

It helps regulate your blood sugar and produce enzymes you need to digest carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats. Your pancreas is attached to your spleen, which is an organ that is part of the lympathic system (your body's waste management system). It helps get rid of old blood cells and cleans impurities in your blood.

Think of your spleen as your blood's filter system.

In Chinese medicine, the pancreas and spleen are seen as earth elements. Which if you've ever been into Zodiac signs, mean it's a very grounding element. We can look at this as our spleen and pancreas are grounding elements to our emotional and physical health.

Think of how most women feel before their period - worrisome, anxious, and stressed. Or how you might feel before a big presentation at work.

Your spleen and pancreas are connected and are attached to the emotions of worry and nervousness.

Once you know how you're feeling, or want to feel, you can match what you're eating to provide additional healing. And when your organs are soothed, they can operate the way they're suppose to - balancing your hormones naturally and providing you with a sense of calm and emotional wellbeing.

What foods can you eat to channel your inner Buddha and ditch worry and nervousness?

These foods will nourish your pancreas and spleen, while making you feel more grounded:

1. Buckwheat groats - these are delicious made as a gluten free oatmeal or using buckwheat flour in your homemade pancakes.

2. Sweet potato - chop up 1/2 a cup to make with your omelet or simply mix with cinnamon and almond butter for a delicious snack.

3. Pumpkin - try my decadent Pumpkin Brownie Bites in my Recipe Guide

4. Squash - any kind like spaghetti, zucchini, summer - these are great alternatives to pasta

Need a few recipes to get you started? Download my Recipe Guide with recipes strategically paired with your cycle. Or become a member of the Balanced Bombshells Lifestyle Plan to learn my signature method to balancing and using hormones to your advantage.



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