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Why I Got My Hormones Tested (Again) & What Labs I Had Done

I started noticing some hormone symptoms after I stopped nursing. I didn't have PMS symptoms and my period was just fine. But the mat of my cycle wasn't adding up.

Before moving to Colorado, I met with my naturopath to figure out which labs to run. I'm sharing what tests I needed, the process I take to get my hormones tested through my doctor and a holistic doctor, and what prompted me to get them tested.

It's confusing to know how to get the support you need and I hope this video helps you (or a friend!) navigate the complex world of hormone testing!


Mini course is open! 8 Steps to Naturally Increase Progesterone - sign up here.

Progesterone deficiency is a common hormone imbalance many women don't know they have, let alone know how to fix. With just 8 simple steps, I've got you covered.



If you've wanted to get your hormones tested too, I have two options for you!

1. Meet with my naturopath, Dr. Emily of Wildcraft Medicine

She just created a new membership program (which includes working with me too!), which you can check out here.

2. Order your labs through Let'sGetChecked, an at-home hormone testing company

They have labs for your thyroid, vitamin levels, female hormone panel, progesterone, and just released a PCOS test! Explore tests here & save 20% off your labs with my code BOMBSHELL

As a LetsGetChecked affiliate, Balanced Bombshells, LLC may receive compensation from LetsGetChecked if you purchase products or services through the links provided, at no additional cost to you.


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