Not ready to fully commit to the Balanced Bombshells Lifestyle Plan? Get started with just the Recipe Guide! It's jam packed with hormone knowledge as it relates to your food, how to create hormone balancing meals, with over 80 delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and sweet treats.


The Recipe Guide shares cycle syncing recipes that match perfectly to your monthly cycle. Use this guide to master your cycle and you can balance your hormones even faster.


The recipes are partnered to your cycle phases, which will help you alleviate your top hormone symptoms like bloating, low energy, acne, irritability, and migraines.


The Recipe Guide also contains:

  • Laura's two cycle syncing meal plans
  • two cycle synced wellness shots to start each morning and improve your gut health
  • 18 meal prep tips
  • 19 superfoods to add to your diet for natural detox, clear skin, and a calm mood
  • recipes synced to your cycle with all your faves like gluten and dairy free pizza, smoothies, muffins, pancakes, stews, tacos, and more!

Balanced Bombshells Recipe Guide

  • This is a downloadable pdf file you can instantly access. Laura Charelle is not a licensed nutritionist or medical professional. This recipe guide is for informational purposes only and does not equal medical advice. Please talk to your doctor if you have any health conditions, are pregnant, or hoping to become pregnant.