This must-have guide helps you cycle sync your life. It provides a snapshot of your four monthly phases and how you can expect your brain and body to shift in each phase. You'll received printable pages of each cyle phase, along with what to focus on for food, fitness, and some tips to help with your major symptoms. You also have space to write in your own notes, based on what you notice with your cycle.


In each phase description, I share my top food, exercise, and lifestyle tricks I use to balance hormones every month including:


  • the Bloat Blast juice to prevent bloating and water retention

  • foods you need to improve your period

  • how to cook your food to ease menstrual cramps

  • when to go all out with your workouts and when to scale back


The journal book is loaded with questions for each cycle phase to help you feel better about your life and anticipate your changing emotions.


Get ready to hang these cheat sheets on your fridge or in your office! Your cycle will stay top of mind and you'll no longer have to worry about what to do each week.


Cycle Sync Guide & Journal Book


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