Your ultimate glow up resource to align your mind, body, and spirit. The 4 cycle sync cheat sheets gives you a snapshot on what to focus on each week, while learning what each phase feels like. This will make it easier for you to master.


In each cheat sheet, I share my top food, exercise, and lifestyle tricks I use to balance hormones every month including:


  • the Bloat Blast juice to prevent bloating and water retention

  • foods you need to improve your period

  • how to cook your food to ease menstrual cramps

  • when to do your tougher workouts


You'll also receive weekly journal prompts to help you utilize the magic of each phase. Your glow up needs your mind and body at its best :) 


Get ready to hang these cheat sheets on your fridge or in your office! Your cycle will stay top of mind and you won't worry about what to do each week.


Cycle Sync Cheat Sheets & Journal Prompts