Hi, I'm Laura!

A hormone obsessed, smoothie sippin' & adventure loving wife and mom in San Diego, California.

Welcome to my little women's health corner on the Internet where I share what I believe, how Balanced Bombshells started and other musings I'd love to share with you if we were chatting over a glass of sparkly kombucha.


My Story

Cycle syncing found me. It subtly knocked on the door and when I didn't answer, it knocked louder. I thought our hormonal health was something you looked at when you either couldn't get pregnant or were going through menopause. I fell in love when I learned they are the little messengers in our body telling it how to function. And you help direct the outcome based on your goals through your diet, daily habits, and mindset. Understanding how to biohack my hormones and match everything to my monthly cycle has truly changed my life. I fell so in love that I wanted to share it with you too!

My first introduction to hormonal health was when I came off the pill. I had just moved from NYC to California and decided to stop taking it. At the same time, I challenged myself to stop running for a few weeks, since my obsession with exercise was becoming an all-consuming (unhealthy) habit. Within three weeks I lost 10 pounds! It was fascinating. We grow up hearing in order to be in good shape, you must eat less and workout more. This was proof that by calming down my stress hormones and balancing the hormones related to our monthly cycle, my body could function better with less effort.

Health and wellness has always been my passion.


I read diet and health books for fun. I love reading research articles. I love trying out new workouts. When I found out about hormones, it was like putting this fascinating puzzle together. And if you're anything like me, then your Type A control freak side has the opportunity to calm down and balance itself out. I didn't realize I wasn't listening to my body. I spent years "pushing through" thinking that was the only way I would be successful.

What really motivated me to dive into cycle syncing was when I realized I had PMDD, premenstrual dysfunctional disorder. It's basically PMS symptoms multiplied by 10. I felt it very emotionally. Three days before my period, like clockwork, I'd fall into this little depression period where I didn't want to get out of bed, go to work, or take care of myself. It felt so unlike me. When my period started, my mood was back up and I was my old self, only with painful cramps and migraines.

At the time I was working on finding solutions to how I could perform at my demanding job in fundraising where I didn't feel so overwhelmed or suffer monthly. I kept testing food, teas, herbs, and supplements to see how I'd feel. I didn't want to live my life in a state of burn out and kept thinking, "there must be a better way". The kicker to really dive in was when I realized my mood was being taken out on Tyler, who I had recently moved in with. My tone was less than stellar before my period and I knew he didn't deserve that from his future wife.

I kept thinking about our future family - my children and my husband don't deserve the worst of me.

I wanted my children to have a happy and balanced mom. I wanted them to know she could handle raising children and working. I wanted my husband to enjoy my company and not walk around on eggshells. If I wanted this happy life, I was the one who needed to change.

So I got to work.


I figured I'm already motivated to eat well and exercise, might as well make it work for my specific goals. I read books. I studied food. I tested fitness hacks. I found ways to lower stress internally so even though life was stressful, I didn't feel the same impact. Everything I was learning, I partnered to the science of our hormones and how the female body is made.

Little by little I was biohacking my cycle and hormones, and the results were amazing!

I could articulate my needs and have them met. I felt happier and more joyful than I'd ever felt. And that same depressed, anxious, bloated, Laura who suffered every month before her period? Gone. In its place was this woman who felt calm and happy, and kept her lean muscle intact. My self confidence rose and I truly, in such a long time, felt like myself. I became more creative and less stressed at work. Balance became a word I finally understood.

The grounding principle I've learned about hormones is that you can make them work for your specific goals. Each stage of life brings new challenges. How you prepare and set up your daily life matters. My habits changed when I want to conceive. They changed again during pregnancy. And they changed again for the postpartum journey. They'll change again for each new decade I enter.


As women, we're meant to flow with these changes. You are meant to grow and evolve, and can continue to use what is at your fingertips and what's within our control to live the life you actually want.

Through 10 years of research in women's health and wellness, Balanced Bombshells was born in 2016. This journey has introduced me to the most amazing women - including you! I hope you feel a sense of community here and the exciting possibilities around our wellness light you up. You will get to know yourself on such a deep level, you'll no longer feel how you do right now. I'm so excited you're here!

xoxo,  Laura

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Massachusetts, USA

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Barre class

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Tyler, native 


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Fertility & Pregnancy

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Hiking the 24 mile rim to rim trail at the Grand Canyon with 7 girlfriends.


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Marin County just north of San Francisco. The water views are amazing!




Our honeymoon to Paris and Switzerland in May 2019.

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