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Explore the Balanced Bombshells courses and workshops that fit your needs. Everything is tailored for your cycle and is designed to help you become the best version of yourself through reducing stress, improving your mood, and naturally increasing energy.


My online courses will convert you into the Balanced Bombshell you are - covering topics like stress, mood, gut health, adrenal fatigue, bloating, teaching women's health, and more!


Women are too stressed at work and to increase their productivity, we need to understand how to use our monthly cycle to our advantage. I'd love to help you host a cycle syncing workshop and educate your team or employees.


Sometimes you just need a little extra help and I'm here for you. Whether you want to improve a specific symptom or are looking to create your own business in women's health, we'll create a personalized coaching program just for you.


"Laura is the whole package. Through her insatiable passion for becoming the healthiest, happiest version of herself, she has learned so many secrets, tools, and strategies that driven women truly need in order to achieve their biggest, wildest dreams. You will never be the same!"

- Jennifer Jayde

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Ditch the irritability and become the happiest woman you know with the Moody Meltdowns to Balanced Bombshell Program. Designed to help you balance the hormones related to irritability, you'll feel like yourself again in as little as one cycle.


  • 6 modules walking you through your cycle, mindset & how to naturally balance your body so you feel happy before your period.

  • Supplement Guide with direct links for stress, gut health, inflammation, and more!

  • Recipe Guide with over 80 mood boosting recipes, all tailored for your cycle.

  • 3 Monthly Action Plans to help you get started.

PRICE: $397

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If you're a new health coach and want to stand out by teaching women's health, the Women's Health Business Accelerator Program is for you! I share all the resources I use in my business and teach you how to get started.


  • 15 weeks of content covering the science of hormones, women's health and the need-to-know details on how to set up your online business.

  • All of my cycle syncing resources to help you generate ideas for your work.

  • My 1:1 sales script so you never feel sleazy & sell from your heart.

  • Roadmap to creating your first signature course for automated sales or coaching clients.

PRICE: $997


Women are struggling to balance it all. From our health, families, and careers, it's a tall order and leaves us feeling burnt out. By learning the art of cycle syncing, it brings renewed energy and a sense of balance so women can thrive at work and at home. My corporate Cycle Syncing Workshops are for the innovative companies looking to provide personal development support to their female employees and the men who work with them.


  • 90-minute virtual presentation on cycle syncing and how women can use this technique at work.

  • Downloadable cycle syncing resources for women to implement after workshop ends.

  • Time for Q&A


Prefer 1:1 support?

Let's create your customized plan on your health or business.

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