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3 Ways Eating More Vitamin C Can Make You Look & Feel Amazing

eating vitamin c
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The end of Quarter 4 means a lot to us BossBabes. We’ve got the holidays and it’s our last chance to reach our financial goals for the year. To ensure you look and feel amazing during the rush, eating more vitamin C can help!

This may be your go-to when you want to boost your immunity, but vitamin C has some other amazing body benefits like:

It counteracts the effects of cortisol

Cortisol is one of our stress hormones. When it’s elevated from lack of sleep, too much caffeine, sugary treats, or not enough rest, it can make us feel more stressed out than we actually are. So while your schedule is jam packed, you can help your body calm down by focusing on the foods you eat.

Eating more foods that contain vitamin C like kiwi, red peppers, and broccoli can help you feel more zen. Other foods that are high in vitamin C are strawberries, cherries, kale, parsley, brussel sprouts, lemons, and oranges.

Vitamin C helps produce more human growth hormone (HGH)

I like to call her our Hey Girl Hey Hormone since HGH helps us build lean muscle and increases our metabolism. Every BossBabe can benefit from feeling good about herself. Confidence, after all, is our mantra to generating more sales.

Post workout, sip on a kale, strawberry, and kiwi smoothie. You’ll help replenish muscles and pack a punch to your energy levels.

It increases collagen production

Vitamin C can increase collagen, which helps our joints stay limber, smooths wrinkles, and strengthens our skin, hair, and nails (yes please).

Now you can confidently rock your selfies to catapult your brand, create last minute promo videos, and welcome 2019 with cash money in the bank.

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