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3 Ways to Boost Your Feel Good Hormones This Thanksgiving

Jasmine Star/Social Curator

Every Thanksgiving I love to stop and reflect over the past year. Do you do this too? You think about all you've welcomed into your life, let go of, and how much you've grown.

This year I'm thankful for saying yes to Tyler when he asked me to marry him, moving to San Diego, and the amazing Balanced Bombshells community for keeping me motivated. This year I also celebrated a full year without PMS, finally discovering the root cause to all my hormonal symptoms, and experiencing life beyond anything I thought was possible.

What are you most grateful for?

As we sit here, soaking in the warmth of gratitude, it's something we can bottle up and share.

Here are 3 quick tips on spreading love and gratitude this Thanksgiving. You'll brighten someone else's day AND boost your feel good hormones 🤗

1. Film a short video message for three of your friends and share what you love most about them. Then text it to them! They'll love seeing your face pop up on their phone.

2. If you're hosting Thanksgiving, is there a take home gift you can give everyone? I love wrapping up bedtime tea and dark chocolates in a small goodie bag and tying it with a ribbon. Attach a piece of paper with their name on it and a personal note, then leave on their dinner plate.

3. At a coffee shop, give the barista an extra $5 to cover a latte or treat for the person behind you. Random acts of kindness help spread more love in our world. You never know how much the person behind you might need a little boost.


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