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4 Simple Ways I've Used Cycle Syncing to Plan My Wedding

Planning your wedding should be one of the most special and fun times of your life. But how do you do it in a zen and balanced way when there's so much to do?

You cycle sync it girl!

I first found cycle syncing while working full time and building a side hustle. What you know of today as Balanced Bombshells :)

It was a way for me to perform at my best, keep up with my full life, and not slip into burnout. With so much on my plate with our upcoming wedding, I've gone back to a few simple tricks I first used.

Here are four simple ways I've used cycle syncing to plan my wedding:

1. My Push/Pull Energy Method

I push through major tasks of all things social, communications, and creating action plans when my body is the most resilient to stress. Which is during the follicular, ovulation, and beginning of the luteal phase.

This way I'm mentally and physically more present. I can push my body to do anything from meeting with the venue, booking a hotel room block for guests and sending the information, to mapping out our post wedding brunch and creating a style guide to share with bridesmaids, the venue, and florist.

Then I pull back when my body is less resilient to stress. For me this is a few days before my period begins and the first three days of my menstrual week. I'll take this time for me, reflect on the plans we've made, and make note of anything we need to tweak.

Pulling back helps me automatically schedule in self care during such a busy season! I don't wait to crash and burn, I schedule this time in to give myself the space I need, when I'll need it most.

2. Monitor my calendar for what phase I'll be in

I'm an extroverted introvert. For two weeks I'm all about being social, then for two weeks, I hide from the world.

I've been monitoring my calendar and tracking what phase I'll expect to be in my cycle the week of our wedding (you can learn the four phases of your cycle in this free Hormones 101 Masterclass).

If I was in my introverted phase, I'd have to plan accordingly for more breaks and create the space to be alone (I'm known to get up an hour earlier just to take a solo walk).

Thankfully, I'm going to be in my extroverted phase :)

I do have to be careful though, since I can get over zealous here. If I'm not careful on scheduling downtime when my energy is high, I'll crash and burn the following week. Even my wedding day is not worth crashing when the hoopla is over.

3. Implement the Balanced Bombshells Zen Recipe

Whenever I feel stress or pressure mounting, I rely on my Balanced Bombshells Zen Recipe. It's a three part lifestyle trick that contains three simple words: Snack, Walk, Breathe.

  • Snack - grab a protein and healthy fat filled snack if I haven't eaten in awhile. A burst of energy and creativity is soon to follow. Celery with almond butter is one of my go-tos.

  • Walk - head out for a sunshine stroll. This helps get the blood circulation moving, feel good hormones flowing, and after just 20 minutes puts you in a meditative state.

  • Breathe - Breathe in love, light and renewed energy. Breathe out what no longer serves you. I usually do this the first 5-10 minutes of my walk.

This zen recipe will help you avoid some major exhaustion!

4. Quickly reverse adrenal fatigue

Even with the best of intentions, you can still burn yourself out. I noticed a touch of adrenal fatigue and quickly revisited Module 1, Stress & A Woman's Body from the Balanced Bombshells Lifestyle Plan, which you can view. This is my 8-week online course teaching you seven sets of hormones and how to keep them balanced so you feel AH-MAZING.

Adrenal fatigue can feel like major brain fog. You don't feel awake until 10-11am, then get a spike of energy around 9-10pm. This screws up with your sleep and can be tricky to fix.

I noticed I was doing too much cardio, which can burnout your adrenal glands. As well as trying to stick with keto (a nondairy, primarily plant based version I gravitated toward). Going an extended period of time with too low carbohydrates was not serving me. What worked a few months ago, was not working now. I own this and shifted as my body needed.

My two week adrenal reset plan was the perfect remedy! My sleep fixed itself in just two days and I stopped feeling like I had to drag myself through the day.

There you have it - four simple ways you can plan your wedding or any big upcoming work project!


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