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4 Things You Didn't Know About PMS

get rid of PMS
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How many women have you bonded with over dealing with monthly PMS? Like you can just look at a woman, stop her mid conversation, and be like, "I'm PMSing and could really use some dark chocolate". She just gets you.

The Office of Women's Health in the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services report that over 90% of women in their childbearing years struggle with some form of PMS. That's too many, in my opinion. My viewpoint is that just because something is "common", doesn't mean it's normal.

PMS, aka pre-menstrual syndrome, is defined by the category of symptoms women can experience the week before their period. It's one of the telltale signs that your hormones are unbalanced and your body needs your loving attention.

So tell me, do you struggle with any of these symptoms of PMS?

*bloating or weight gain due to water retention



*low energy

*mood swings

*tender breasts

*food cravings



*constipation or diarrhea

*social withdrawal

*crying spells

*body dysmorphia (which no one ever talks about)

You might be thinking, "well doesn't every woman deal with this?". Sure, most do. But that doesn't mean YOU have to.

I was part of the 5% of women who dealt with PMDD, which is called pre-menstrual dysfunctional disorder. Which is when PMS symptoms greatly impact your life.

I routinely called out of work, would have to leave early because I was crying in the bathroom (again), and my migraine headaches were enough to keep me in the fetal position for two days straight. My point is, if I, a woman who had a very severe form of PMS, can eliminate it, that means you can too! I'm your normal, every day woman who got fed up with dealing with these symptoms, and let me tell you, life is way better on the other side.

I want to help get rid of this in your life too.

Inside this video, I cover four things about PMS you didn't know.

My doctor never went over these with me, and I really wish they had. Would I have suffered for so long? Would more women get the help they need?

This video covers simple food and lifestyle changes that you can start making right away. You will begin to notice a reduction of these symptoms and improve your overall cycle. A calmer and happier month - here you come!

Hormone symptoms shouldn't impact your life, and with the knowledge on why it's happening - you now have the power to fix it.

Please share this video with at least three women in your life. 90% is a very high number and your girls will appreciate you sharing this!


Ready to ditch PMS forever? This guide is jampacked with food and lifestyle changes you can easily make, along with natural supplement insight to nix PMS for good.

get rid of PMS symptoms


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