5 Ways to Increase Your Energy by Monday


Life moves at warp speed! From sundown this Friday, March 9 to sundown Saturday, March 10 it is #nationaldayofunplugging! A whole day to remind us to step away from our electronic devices and reconnect with ourselves and loved ones.

Being so plugged in can drive up our stress hormones. If your phone is constantly buzzing, email beeping, and people in and out of your office, life can leave you feeling like you can't breathe. Pair this with the week before and during your period, when your mind and body have a harder time dealing with stress, and you've got the recipe for emotion overload!

I'm a BIG advocate for unplugging.

I leave my phone on vibrate and have all notifications turned off. The constant pings and sounds interrupt my brain and make me feel like I can't think! I've even built it into my business. My client calls are taken Tuesday through Thursday, allowing me Monday and Friday to have uninterrupted time to focus on content creation and recipe development.

Give yourself permission this weekend to unplug and take the space you need to focus on things you have been neglecting. You'll come back full force (and way more fierce) on Monday!

Here are five things you need to increase your energy by Monday:



Silence text messages, email, social media alerts, news updates, etc.

Each time they buzz, it takes our attention away from the present moment. You distract yourself from the company you're with or whatever project you're trying to focus on. This can make it harder to refocus on what's in front of you.

Better yet - turn off your phone for the WHOLE WEEKEND!!!


Schedule a workout with friends first thing in the morning! When we have something already booked, and friends are waiting for us, we're much more likely to get up and do it. Bonus - you'll get your blood flowing, which we all need for a calmer period 😊

Then head out for brunch and ask everyone to turn their phones off for an unplugged meal.



When we consciously pause and enjoy the little moments, we can instantly increase our energy and happiness.

The light breeze on your face.

The beauty of the flowers as you walk by.

The laughter of a loved one.

The sun shining through a window.

Taking a moment to breathe allows you feel gratitude through your entire body.

Gratitude is the real secret to joy.


Break out of your comfort zone and try something new (especially if you're in the follicular phase!)

Invite friends out for a paint night, host a game night, or go to a cooking class.

Trying something new will challenge your psyche and bust you out of any rut.


One of the best ways to unplug is to get outside! Connecting with nature is an instant stress reliever.

Turn off your phone and head out for a hike - for real - walking and being outside lowers your stress hormones and increases energy!

If you're in your luteal or menstrual phase, bring a journal with you. You'll be amazed at how many ideas and limiting beliefs want to bust through and be expressed on paper.

You'll be able to uncover any blocks holding you back from living your best life.

Share your unplugging with us at #balancedbombshells and we'll feature the best ideas!


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