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Top Good Mood Foods to Avoid Mood Swings | Quick Luteal Phase Hack for Cycle Syncing

Let's put an end to mood swings before your period! These five good mood foods are a must and I swear by them. They contain an amino acid called tryptophan, which is the precursor to making serotonin, one of your happy hormones.

When we eat foods that contain tryptophan, your body will create more serotonin, which naturally dips before your period and can cause mood swings. Eating more foods that boost serotonin will make you genuinely feel happier.

I've noticed after just 20 minutes of eating these foods I feel better! I also sync them to my cycle by making sure I eat them the week before my period.

Your Top 5 Good Mood Foods to Avoid Mood Swings Before Your Period:

1. Dark Turkey Meat

That relaxed feeling you get on Thanksgiving is thanks to eating tryptophan! Opt for dark meat to get more of the good stuff.

2. Chia Seeds

Also loaded with omega-3's, plant based protein and fiber, you'll feel really good!

3. Bananas

Postpartum I got into the habit of eating two bananas a day to help with my mood. And I've stuck to it all these months later! Bananas are also a great source of vitamin Bs, like B6, which research has shown to improve your mood.

Make a banana chia seed pudding for a double dose of happiness.

4. Walnuts

Triple shot your high vibes by adding walnuts to your pudding!

5. Dark Chocolate

Not just any chocolate will do - you gotta grab the good stuff. Look for dark chocolate that is 85% or higher. It'll naturally boost your mood, and with the lower sugar, higher fiber and protein, you'll protect your blood sugar too. Which can be another culprit for a foul mood.

I eat dark chocolate every day because it truly makes me happy! It increases your serotonin, while also containing a good dose of magnesium to promote that relaxed, calm feeling.

Which is your fave??


Cycle syncing is a great tool to improve your mood!

Learn the four phases of your monthly cycle inside my free Cycle Syncing Made Easy video course and how you can pair your food to even out your mood. I share how you can eat, workout and set up your self care that'll give you all the high vibes!


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