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How to Manage Your Expectations & Relationships as a New Mom

The expectations we place on ourselves can be relentless, and when you become a mom, managing them becomes part of your self care.

Then add on the layers of finding time for yourself, relationship, baby, girlfriends and how to manage caregivers - there is a lot of shifting & personal growth happening as you're introduced to motherhood.

I started Balanced Bombshells as a way to help you, while also giving myself more freedom and flexibility to become a mom. I wanted to do both - be there to take care of my children while doing work that lights up my soul.

But the transition didn't come without needing to check my expectations and learn how to navigate this new life.

In today's YouTube video, I'm sharing how to manage your own expectations and set up a new structure that gives everyone in your household the space they need (including dad time alone with baby). As well as time with your girlfriends and being heard by caregivers.



  • "I are the expert in my child"

  • "Be firm in your own values & beliefs"

  • "I can do everything, just not at one time"



*Bringing Up Bebe parenting book (I love it so much!)

*For him diaper bag



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