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How to Use Cycle Syncing to Cleanse Like a Boss Babe

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By cycle syncing your cleaning habits, you can have a fresh space – all month long – to create magic in.

With each seasonal shift, you might find yourself cleaning out closets, organizing files, and ditching anything that no longer serves you. We get this every menstrual cycle too and can use it to our advantage!

Our bodies go through hormonal shifts during the month, which is applied to our mental thoughts and what we want to focus our attention on.

Cleaning included!

If you’ve ever had a baby, you may remember nesting to prepare your home for your upcoming newborn. Menstruating women feel a similar urge to clear out what is no longer serving us and welcome the new. Your body is releasing old blood when you menstruate and welcoming fresh new blood in its place. So it makes sense we’d want to do the same in our physical environment.

For example, I started my business while I was working in my full time job. I started tracking my cycle and noticed if I cleaned before my period came, I was far less irritable!

Our right and left brain hemispheres become the most aligned as we get our period. We become hyper critical – of ourselves and our surroundings – during this time of month.

Cycle syncing this energy helps us channel it in a more productive way and is very therapeutic.

Today, I sync deep cleaning my space to the week before my period. It’s become like a monthly therapy session. While I clean, I find myself working through whatever issues may have been bothering me.

Embracing this need to clean is a physical act we can take that signals to the Universe we’re creating space for wonderful opportunities in the month ahead. Listening to our bodies and using them as a way to direct our energy, at particular times of the month, will lead us to the happy lives and successful businesses we desire.

You may also find by doing this work in your premenstrual week, you have a happier period and experience some major business breakthroughs!

Check your calendar for when your period is coming next and schedule an afternoon to clean. I’m excited to hear if you experience any big AHA business moments!

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