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My 6 Favorite Teas for Energy, Stress & Detox

I love sipping tea to calm my mind and body. I also use them for better digestion, mood, energy, and more!

Here are my top six favorite teas for energy, stress and detox:

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1. Matcha Ceremonial Green Tea

If you follow me on Instagram, you know how much I love matcha! It's my favorite ritual in the morning. I made the switch from coffee a few years ago when I was healing adrenal fatigue.

Matcha has a wide range of benefits like containing 10x the antioxidants than regular green tea. This helps reduce inflammation for clearer skin, less bloating, improving your gut health, and easing period pain.

Matcha can help cleanse your liver, which promotes more hormone balance and reduce symptoms like bloating and fatigue.

Although matcha has caffeine (about 60-70mg in every 1 tsp.), it's also high in L-theanine which provides a calming effect on your body while boosting mental focus. If I drink coffee, I've noticed just one cup makes me feel agitated and on edge. I don't get this feeling with matcha. I stay calm, cool and collected.

I like using matcha ceremonial grade tea because of it's high chlorophyll content (helps detox your body naturally). It also has a fresher, more clean taste. If you've tried other kinds of matcha you might notice an earthly flavor, which I don't like. Ceremonial grade is more expensive but I've found it's worth it in taste and overall body benefits.

2. Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm is caffeine free and I've often used it to naturally boost energy during stressful times. This may be a more hectic schedule from work, the first few months postpartum, and any time I'm traveling and jumping time zones. It is always a helpful tea when I'm feeling burnt out and any time I need to increase my adrenal health.

Lemon Balm calms your nervous system and helps your body adapt better to stress.

Any time I need to sleep better or lower my stress levels, I work through my 2-week adrenal reset found in the Balanced Bombshells Lifestyle Plan and PMDD Program.

3. Raspberry Leaf Tea

Raspberry leaf tea is amazing for calming inflammation, especially in our uterus. It's believed to tone the uterus which can help ease menstrual cramps and prepare your body for delivery in the third trimester.

I love drinking this tea during the luteal and menstrual phases of my cycle.

4. Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea is the best the week before your period! Or any time you need some help with digestion and improving your mood.

I love making peppermint tea to sip after a meal with a few squares of dark chocolate. These two make the perfect treat combo.

Peppermint can take you from frazzled to zen in just one cup.

5. Alfalfa Tea

Alfalfa tea is often found blended with other teas. I can't say I'd sip a cup solo - too earthy for my taste. But I love finding it in other tea blends. It's loaded with calcium, vitamin C, folate, and good for naturally detoxing the body.

I used this one a lot while pregnant because it contains folate, which is helpful for a baby's brain and spinal cord development.

6. Dandelion Tea

And last but not least - dandelion tea! I'm a huge fan of this tea for helping flush excess fluid and avoiding bloat. It'll make your stomach muscles pop! It sparks digestion so if you've been feeling constipated or haven't eaten the best foods, this tea can help get things moving.

I love using this tea during ovulation if I feel a bit bloated (I tend to be higher in estrogen so it helps with water retention) and in the days leading up to my period. I also used this tea while I was pregnant, another great time in our life we might hold excess fluid.

This type of roasted dandelion tea tastes great with a dairy free creamer and enjoying it like coffee (it's caffeine free!). If you've been looking to drink less coffee or stop drinking it, but still love the taste, it's a fantastic alternative!

Ok, spill the tea, which are you going to try first?







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