The Bombshell Diaries: A Happy Mind with Sam

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

The Bombshell Diaries are the behind-the-scene stories of real women and their health. We dive into the positive changes they've made with their diet, exercise, and emotional health to live a happy and balanced life.

Sam from A Happy Mind shares how she improved her life by overcoming anxiety. She is an anxiety and business coach, helping entrepreneurs ditch their fears and grow their empires.

In this video segment of the Bombshell Diaries, Sam shares with us:

  • her three non-negotiables with her health (I've started using 2 of them!)

  • how she uses her intuition to guide her eating and exercise choices

  • the #1 thing she wished more women knew about their body

Watch her video now!

Sam makes us feel empowered, uplifted, and that it's ok to feel all the feels. What is your biggest takeaway?

Say hi to Sam!


INSTAGRAM: @a.happy.mind


YOUTUBE: A Happy Mind TV


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