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Top 5 Wellness Trends You Need to Keep for 2020

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As a new decade begins, it's a time to reflect. What worked for you last year? What do you want to bring with you into the new one? You get to consciously choose each and every year. I've rounded up my top favorite wellness trends that have been HUGE for 2019 and are a must to keep practicing in 2020.

Let's dive in:

1. Celery Juicing

If you haven't scrolled through Instagram and seen all the celery juicing going on, search for the hashtag. Celebrities are getting on board and I'm completely obsessed!

The benefits of celery juicing include:

  • increasing hydrochloric acid which is stimulated in your gut to help you digest food better, in particular protein.

  • it's anti-inflammatory and believed to soothe nerves so you feel calmer and more relaxed.

  • improves digestion by increasing circulation in your intestines, getting things moving and grooving. It's great to beat constipation, bloating, water retention, and feeling puffy.

  • aids cleansing the liver so you flush out toxins.

  • it contains many vitamins and minerals like folate, potassium, B6, vitamin K and vitamin C, which all has wonderful properties for your skin.

Here's how to make your own at home:

  1. Using a juicer, juice one stalk of organic celery (organic is best as celery is on the dirty dozen list and ranks higher in pesticides and other toxins), to make 16 ounces of juice.

  2. Drink the juice on an empty stomach 20-30 minutes before eating and drinking anything else.

  3. Get ready for an energy kick!

Do you have to do it everyday? I would get sick of it too. I cycle sync celery juice and partner it to the times of my cycle I need the most help with digestion. That way I reap the benefits and don't have to clean the juicer every day. Because let's be real, that gets annoying.

Every woman will be different so it's up to you to learn your cycle intimately. Personally, I need the most help at ovulation, so I'll drink it for about three days in a row. Then I need help again in the very later part of my luteal phase before my period begins.

If you're tracking your cycle, you will pick up on patterns that happen in each of your cycle phases that repeat, not the next week, but next cycle phase. So about three days before my period, I start celery juicing again and stop when I get my period.

2. Cycle Syncing

This top women's health trend is here to stay!!

It's been fascinating how many women are getting on this band wagon! There are so many women who want a more holistic and healthful approach to their health. Women all over the world are witnessing the true power they hold when they know how their mind and body ebbs and flows each month.

Even a few years ago when I first got started, no one had heard of this trend. It's barely picked up speed and I think it'll become an even bigger trend in 2020 and beyond.

Cycle syncing is when you partner your food, fitness, and daily habits to your specific cycle phases.

The point is to naturally balance hormones, which is huge. I've also found great success tailoring my habits in business and communication in my relationships. It will have a profound impact on your energy levels, period, self confidence, and take the pressure off of trying to fit everything into your life. When you match your life to your cycle phases, the planning is already done for you and it becomes very intuitive.

To dive deeper into your cycle phases and learn exactly how to cycle sync, sign up for our free hormones 101 masterclass.

3. Collagen


Have you walked through a health food store and seen all the collagen products? Or follow the health obsessed on social? Now there are tons of collagen products to choose from like coffee creamer, snack bars, powders to mix into water or a smoothie, capsule form, really whatever strikes your fancy.

Why collagen? Health benefits include improving your gut health, strengthening your hair and nails, smoothing wrinkles and cellulite, and making your skin glow. Do you really need more motivation than this?

I'm on board fully and completely. You can usually find me adding collagen to a superfood latte.

4. Probiotics

The happy belly buzzers 😊 Probiotics feed the good bacteria in your stomach which lowers sugar cravings, helps you feel fuller longer, and lowers inflammation.

With the amount of people struggling with inflammation (you'll know if you get PMS, cramps, breakouts, skin issues, brain fog, a lethargic type energy etc.) probiotics are an easy health boost.

You can drink them like in our morning wellness shot recipe, eat yogurt (without sugar! You'll counteract the probiotics since bad bacteria feeds off sugar. Pair plain yogurt with fruit instead), kimchi, sip kombucha or take it in capsule form. I share my favorite probiotic supplement here.

Let's all jump on this bandwagon and shout PROBIOTICS from the roof top!

5. Match Tea

Move over coffee, matcha needs its moment.

Coffee is acidic and the more you alkaline your body, the lighter and more fresh you'll feel. Matcha is my go-to over coffee since it gives you a calmer, and more relaxing caffeine hit. Matcha is processed in your body differently than coffee, helping you avoid the afternoon slump.

Many people drink coffee for the "antioxidants" and a good quality cup of coffee will do that for you. But you have to know your bean source and many coffee shops are not using the best quality beans. Which means you're not ingesting antioxidants, but mold and toxins.

The same can be true with the kind of matcha you find. Which is why I always search for "ceremonial grade". You want a vibrant, green color. And always keep it refrigerated so it doesn't go bad. I once went to a coffee shop and the matcha they gave me looked slightly brown and tasted exactly like dirt. I threw it out and never ordered it from that shop again.

Matcha has 10 times the antioxidants than regular green tea. You are ingesting the entire leaf. It helps lower inflammation, cleanse your liver, give a calm energy, and if you're partnering it with collagen and probiotics, your skin will glow!

There you have it, five amazing wellness trends you need to keep for 2020. Which one are you going to add into your routine??




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