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Why Every Woman Needs a Natal Chart Reading

As I navigated becoming a new mom, I felt my world feeling too chaotic. In my attempts to regain a sense of balance with a baby at home, I found myself open to new personal development opportunities. My intuition kept telling me to seek out avenues that were beyond my normal scope of healthy eating, exercise and self care.

Given the spiritual experience I had during childbirth, I wasn't too surprised to be lead here.

A lot will change when you become a mother, along with adding a new layer to your identity. I tried not to "get back to the old me" and instead focus on growing into my new role. The same goes when you move, start a new job, get married, have a baby, have more kids or go through other challenging and new life situations.

I was being guided to dive deeper into my sense of self. In my situation, I was guided to this natal chart reading because of the new chapter of motherhood. Yours might be something entirely different.

As women, we grow and evolve all the time and adding layers helps you shed old beliefs and opens you to new paths.

I had always wanted a natal chart reading (or birth chart) and after meeting Nayelli of Astronatic, I'm glad I was open to the experience.

What is a birth chart or Natal Chart reading?

Your Natal Chart (aka birth chart or astro report) is beyond knowing your horoscope sign and reading what might happen in your life on a daily or monthly basis. The natal chart reading goes into the exact alignment of the planets when you were born down to the exact time you were born and the location.

Your Natal Chart provides key insights into your personality, how you can navigate challenging situations, seek guidance in the direction of your life, and shine light on internal wounds you carry with you (most often subconscious) that can get in the way of your communication and connection with others.

The reading will dive into your different "houses" of your life like relationships, career, personal growth, awareness of self, aspirations in life and how you were designed to contribute to the world around you.

It provides a snapshot of you and your destiny.

Why did I do a reading now?

We're all on our own path of personal growth and we'll have these big moments of transition that spark our need to dive into new experiences. You'll be called to learn more about yourself as you go through periods of transition and transformation.

I believe in the wisdom and spirituality of women and our feminine spirit. In my studies in women's health, one thing that has always stood out is the divine energy we carry with us. And as we go through transitional moments like pregnancy, child birth, and postpartum, we're meant to connect more to our spiritual guides and the uplifting nature of other women.

As I went through pregnancy, I knew biologically I was changing. Your brain chemistry changes to be able to protect your child once they're born. You are deeply attached to them.

When we give birth, it's one of our ultimate transformations. It takes you and your baby from being seen as one and welcomes your child as their own entity in the physical world.

Your baby is living and breathing without you, while birth turns you into a mother.

While giving birth, I knew one of the grounding principles was to surround myself with feminine energy. In our history, women use to give birth surrounded by other women and listen to their stories of childbirth and motherhood.

Additionally, while giving birth, I knew I'd be closer to my highest self and spiritual guides, connected in a way that isn't possible in our every day life. As I was entering childbirth I kept saying prayers and asking my guides for guidance. I asked for help in keeping Dylan safe and make sure we were all ok.

While pushing, I kept silently praying. Dylan didn't recover quickly from contractions and I'd often be instructed to not push during some contractions in order to give his heart time to recover.

I mentally prepared for an emergency C section.

As we neared the end (which you don't know at the time), I realized my eyes had been closed the entire time. In order to stay connected to the energy above me and internally talk to Dylan (I kept telling him it was ok), I needed to shut out the people and room around me.

The room was dim with the lights turned down low, in the early morning hours of Christmas Eve. And in my mind's eye, I saw myself surrounded by cloak figures. Myself in the middle of a circle and these figures standing in a circle around me.

I didn't fear not being able to see their faces. I had this deep sense of protective energy. And as I turned around the circle, I received messages like:

"You're doing great."

"You're ready for this."

"He was chosen for you."

"Everything is going to be ok."

This energy grounded me and I could breathe easier, helping relax my pelvis, back, and leg muscles.

Then one figure parted the circle and as it stepped forward I saw he or she was carrying a small baby wrapped in a blanket. I couldn't see the baby's face but knew it was Dylan. The cloak figured handed him to me and told me it was time.

A few moments after this vision occurred, I heard the doctor say, "Laura, open your eyes and meet your son". And there Dylan was, in his birthday suit, being placed on my chest. Where I looked down and saw this little face looking up at me as if he was saying "I made it and I've been so excited to meet you".

The transformation was complete.

Or so I thought.

As I navigated those early days and tried to get my bearings as a new mom, this was when it felt time to dive deeper into my sense of self so I could learn more about the new me and what this version of myself needed in life. This process was a necessary part of the journey so I could be the best mom I could be.

I needed to learn the destined pieces of my heart and soul in order to steer me in the right direction.

My birth chart reading experience

Prior to the reading, I provided Nayelli with the details of my birth date, time of birth and the location of where I was born.

I'm a Virgo and am extremely detail oriented. I need to dive into the details to be able to understand the bigger picture. And yet I'll get too stressed if I stay in the weeds too long, also craving a free flowing nature and wider view about life.

I'm a big fan of to-do lists and checking off tasks. It's so satisfying! All of these little details showed up in my report.

After my reading I did meet with Nayelli who helped make sense of the report (it's long and can be confusing for a newbie).

The natal report includes:

  • overall characteristics of your natal chart - designed to briefly explain patterns in your chart

  • your personality - describe the characteristics that come up most in your chart

  • career destiny - analyze your potential and your top career possibilities

  • soul purpose, happiness & fortune - explores what is beneath your surface and how your soul is meant to grow

  • relationships (including challenges & inner wounds) - explores your tendencies in relationships and your inner wounds, along with how they may manifest in your relationships with a partner, family or work

  • psychic ability - goes over how much you have and what kind of psychic ability you have

  • recommended next steps for success

The Natal Chart will become a documented foundation of who you are, why and how you communicate/learn the way you do, and the next steps you need to be successful at work and in your relationships.

What I Learned From My Chart

I learned my Sun Sign is Virgo and my Chart Final Signature is also Virgo, making most of my signs Mutable and Earth Signs. My personality will come across as Virgo - very organized, helpful to others, and having an interest in health.

My Ascendant is in Sagittarius, so when people first meet me I'll carry more of those traits like being enthusiastic, philosophical, and interested in learning and travel. As you get to know me, the other parts of my personality will come out. Which is very true 😊

A piece I found interesting about my personality is my Chart Ruler is Jupiter, having Pisces in my 3rd House and making it where I have a need to communicate with others. But this could make my communication ability harder and I would often find it easier to communicate through writing and non-verbal ways. Which is 100% spot on! I often have a hard time doing videos for work and prefer to write!

It also showed I am more of a hands-on learner and prefer to learn by feeling rather than logic (much to the annoyance of my husband who is more practical in his reasoning. Me "feeling" a certain way without anything to back it up beyond my intuition isn't always good enough for him).

Yet with this, Earth is my strongest element which allows me to be practical, attuned to my senses, body and environment. Which is also accurate.

My Moon is in Taurus, making me determined and often too set in my ways. Which is something I feel I'm always working on by checking my expectations and seek openness since being too rigid can cause stress in my life.

My biggest wheelhouse was my career, as I'm 100% Virgo and have always known my life's work is meant to be my career in serving others.

As I worked through my Natal Chart, reading through each section, I felt this grounding energy of understanding my thought process, personality, and communication style more. I appreciated knowing my career was on the right path and it was natural to find my journey in health, being curious about the science of women's health, yet deeply in tune with my body. Which I love being able to teach to other women where it doesn't come as naturally to them.

My chart also brought up the need to have an unconventional career and one that doesn't stick to a specific routine. Which I found fascinating because it's why I became an entrepreneur and decided to work for myself. I had a very hard time with a 9-5 job and didn't like the barriers I felt.

My meeting with Nayelli

My meeting with Nayelli felt more like a therapy session.

She was able to pinpoint aspects of my personality and pick up on where I was struggling to find joy at work. If I'm being honest, I felt like with this new motherhood chapter I also was craving something more with Balanced Bombshells. It had been eating away at me during pregnancy and I kept trying to "figure it out".

My birth chart reading spoke on my need for collaboration and partnerships. Which was a piece I had longed for yet didn't fully pay attention to until Nayelli and I spoke. It's like she read my chart and showed me the missing puzzle piece I needed at this time of my life.

Nayelli was able to go into internal wounds I will always have but can be more mindful of. Which helped me understand why I fear being on camera and ground my communication with Tyler, which shifted postpartum.

We often react in ways of defense or step back from fear of judgement without realizing it. I felt like getting my natal chart helped identify areas where I have been playing small and where I need more balance.

I'm really glad I met with Nayelli and didn't just read through the report on my own. Her guidance helped me understand the natal chart better and she provided the grounding energy I needed to understand my next steps.

Should you get your Natal Chart reading?

If you've come up against a transformational year (like moving, starting a new job/career, getting married, having kids, grief, etc) or feel stuck on what your next steps are, getting your chart read could give you more guidance!

It can help make sense of where you are at in your life and clear out any mental or emotional blocks you've been experiencing.

Before getting your reading done, I encourage you to be open minded and be able to listen. This reading won't be a fortune telling and can't predict when a big dream will happen or how it will come about. This reading is a collaboration as you continue to co-create with the Universe on leading the life you want to live. You must seek to understand and still be proactive with your dreams in order to make them a reality.

To get your reading done, there are many astrologers who can provide this service.

I highly recommend Nayelli! Her website can be found here where you can book a session or schedule a free clarity call. You can also virtually meet her in my latest Bombshell Diaries episode on YouTube where we talk about blending astrology and cycle syncing in our personal relationships (great if you're single or coupled up!).


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