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Your New Foolproof System to Get Organized And Stay Motivated

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post. If you want your workflow organized FOR you, click here.

It's easy to burn out with #allthethings. A laundry list of to-dos is far from motivating. Your mind wanders toward what you'll have for lunch and away from achieving your goals. Before you know it - an hour has passed and you haven't completed anything, except learning the latest fashion trends on Instagram.

Without proper organization, you'll feel weighed down with too many things on your to-do list. Not feeling accomplished as you work toward your goals creates stagnant energy in your mind and body. That energy stagnation lowers motivation and wreaks havoc on a woman's hormones. Our bodies are very sensitive to the energy we allow into our lives and you're meant to live in a high vibe state.

As I've been navigating life with a newborn and heading back to work, I've had to shift in how I organize my life. My personal life is more unpredictable at the moment and turning to my 4-step process for getting organized has helped smooth the transition.

It has also kept me more accountable and focused at what I'm working on, which naturally increases motivation.

Here's my easy 4-step process on getting organized and staying motivated:

1.Brain dump your to-do list

On a piece of paper, add one column for your personal to-dos - anything from laundry, grocery shopping, setting up a haircut appointment, etc.

Add a second column for your professional to-dos. This can be anything from your current job and that side hustle you finally took action on.

You can get as fancy and creative in outlining your lists as possible. I love writing in a fancy pen and a fresh new page in a notebook that has a pretty cover. Anything that motivates you! You can even light a candle and sip your kombucha from a champagne glass.

2. Prioritize your list

Once you get your to-dos out of your head and on to paper, rank each item listed in order of importance. I simply write a number next to them like #1 is most important and so on.

Feeling stuck?

Ask yourself which to-do has been bugging you the most. It's the 1-3 items you find are always on your list and you think about often. Do those first so you can stop thinking about them! And if you do this every single week, you won't keep repeating writing it down, which will only take you out of your flow!

Before moving on to step 3, star your top three priorities on your personal and professional lists. You will tackle each of those in one day. The next 3-6 will be for tomorrow (or if you have time, but no added pressure) and so on. If you can only get those things done, you'll feel like you succeeded by the end of the day.

3. Time Block & Schedule

Next, write down how much time you anticipate each task taking. Let's say you wanted to go grocery shopping. With travel time, shopping, and getting home to put them away, will take you roughly an hour and a half. Write that down.

Do this for the rest of your list items.

Then take out your calendar and actually schedule when these will happen. I've found when I have something in my calendar (especially when it's not just in my planner and an auto reminder on my phone) it will get done. Which will make your energy feel so good!

4. Set a Timer & Get After It

Lastly, set a timer for the amount of time you allotted for your first action item. This will give you a set time frame to work within. You'll be far less likely to reach for your phone to check your email (again) and scroll mindlessly through social media. We've all been there!

Setting a timer will keep you focused on the task at hand so you're more likely to finish what you started.

Looking for extra credit? Silence your phone from all calls, emails, and text messages. This will help you maintain focus and get everything done!

Check in with yourself

Something I had to learn was releasing the belief that I could accomplish everything in one day. The list would keep getting longer and my energy would feel more chaotic rather than balanced by the end of the day. It would steal my motivation, creativity, and high energy.

As you incorporate your new foolproof system on getting organized and staying motivated, make sure you're partnering your habits to the phases of your monthly cycle. You'll maximize your efforts!


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