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8 Benefits of Magnesium for Menstruating Women

Known as a calming mineral, magnesium has so many benefits! Especially for women in their reproductive years. It helps your brain and body function better, and with our more stressful lives, it can leave us at risk for experiencing symptoms of low magnesium.

Before we dive into the benefits of magnesium, we must first understand how we can easily become deficient.

When you're stressed - either mental, physical or emotional - your body responds in the exact same way. To prepare you to respond to the threat (even it's just opening a full inbox to countless emails or you're around someone who stresses you out), your body depletes your magnesium stores.

This is biological since your body is helping pump adrenaline and cortisol through your body so you can respond to the threat. But in order for you to have the pep to respond to a threat, it also depletes your magnesium stores in the process.

The main threat in our lives use to be running away from wildlife when we were hunters and gatherers. Our bodies haven't changed since then, but our world has introduced a wide variety of stressors, and our body still reacts.

You might also know this response as fight or flight.


Low magnesium can create symptoms like:

  • feeling more stressed out

  • painful periods

  • depression

  • fatigue

  • PMS

  • loss of appetite

  • trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep

  • constipation

  • infertility

  • anxiety or panic attacks

  • headaches or migraines

Your lifestyle habits can also contribute to lower magnesium like drinking alcohol, taking the birth control pill, and using things like antacids.

8 Benefits of Magnesium

  1. Less painful periods

  2. Regular bowel movements

  3. Feeling less stressed

  4. Better sleep

  5. Little to no PMS symptoms

  6. Happier mood

  7. Improving fertility

  8. Higher energy

Just by increasing your magnesium with food and a supplement, if needed, can lead to these wonderful benefits!

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