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How to Pivot Your Health Brand Without Starting Over

Something I've seen across the internet are female entrepreneurs wanting and craving to pivot their brand. It could be they've grown and want to tackle new topics. Or their audience has changed and they want different things.

But you can fear losing what you've worked so hard to build. You could see a loss of followers. A drop in email subscribers. And fear messages from women missing the old you.

Whatever your need for a change, you can successfully pivot your brand without having to start over 😊

You might have noticed me doing the same thing this year.

It's beyond becoming a mom. As I neared delivery last year I couldn't shake this feeling that my business was taking a direction I never planned for and didn't actually want.

What I always dreamed of, when starting Balanced Bombshells, was to create a health and lifestyle brand for women. Not a company that specializes in menstrual health. It was becoming more of what I was known for and I actually haven't been ok with it.

That is my truth 😊

When I was on maternity leave I just kept thinking, "now is the time to pivot".

There's something truly beautiful about the way our bodies are designed and the impact we face when we enter big hormonal shifts in our life. It can be every month before and during our period. It comes with pregnancy and the ultimate transformation when you deliver. It arises again when we near menopause.

As women, our bodies are designed to emotionally and spiritually evolve and work through what isn't working for us, so we can experience the life we're meant to be living. And it can help align yourself even more to your work and life's purpose.

These moments become your opportunity to align your life more into the direction you desire. And when you take the time to dive into feelings of resistance, they leave you open to receive in the way you actually needed.

We can also look at it as not pivoting, but layering. As you learn and grow, you then add layers to your work.

Can I and will I still help women with their hormonal health? Absolutely.

I just want to do it in my own way and share more about my lifestyle approach to our health. And I want to talk more about other issues under the umbrella of women's health like our divine feminine, pregnancy, and motherhood, and not just be known for helping with PMS or our periods.

Helping women find balance and order in their lives are what I crave most.

During my maternity leave, I asked myself the hard questions:

  • What do you really want?

  • What do you want to create that will fill you up?

I still don't have all the answers, but I've been slowly pivoting and layering my work. And it's been making me so much happier. You'll continue to see this in rolling out new products, designs and making more partnerships with affiliate and influencer marketing (which you can do even as a micro influencer). I'll cover new topics and continue to help more female entrepreneurs like you get your work out there - because it is so needed. your complete guide to create your brand and become an industry leader here.

Here are 3 steps on how to pivot your health brand without starting over if or when you desire:

1. Gain Clarity & Alter Your Messaging

Take a moment to reflect and ask yourself:

  • What are you creating that you love?

  • What have you been creating because you feel like you have to?

When we create from a standpoint of "should" and a feeling of obligation, our best work can't come forward.

Your communication and energy is everything. When you are clear on what you want, then your audience can feel that, which is when you find your ideal clients.

Feelings motivate purchases. And in order for you to keep doing this work, you need to get paid for it. Money is an energetic exchange to provide value and change someone else's life.

Your messaging is how you effectively get your point across and motivate others to purchase what you've created for them.

So if you've had that nagging feeling (we've all had it) that something isn't quite right or you know more women should be responding to your work (and haven't been), then your messaging or energy needs to change.

Take whatever space you need to gain clarity on your needs and true desires.

Are you teaching women's health in your business? Learn the basics in my free Hormones 101 Class for Coaches!

2. Get curious about what's not working

When you sit down to work, do you find yourself uninspired by what you're working on? Or no matter how hard you try to move a project forward, things don't easily fall into place?

It might be time to push a project because maybe there's a better time in the future. Or maybe you need to learn something new. I've felt this a lot with running social media ads. I just didn't know enough in this area to do it right and sometimes it would work, sometimes not.

One thing I did was recognize my desire to help more women and in order to do that, I was ready to tackle the complexity of running ads. So I spent a lot of time during my maternity leave watching videos and learning.

If you're uninspired or get the sense something isn't quite clicking, keep exploring. There's insight in our flops! Those feelings of resistance bring you closer to what your work needs to become and point you in the right direction. Be open to listen to their wise messages.

3. What lights you up?

When we create content, courses, and programs that light us up, we open ourselves to the women in our audience or those women who need to find us, who will also be excited for it.

You'll have a continuous stream of fresh new ideas and get excited about the different partnerships/content/programs you can create.

Most importantly, keep showing up as you. And share openly. Other women need it and they are searching for your spin.

Your authenticity and genuineness can be felt through your writing and when you're speaking. Don't be afraid of losing followers or email subscribers. The ones who are meant to grow with you, will 😊

I hope this gives you the encouragement to keep creating from your heart.


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