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My Positive (Yet High Risk) Birth Experience

It's still hard to believe our son is here! I'm excited to share my positive birth experience when our son was unexpectedly delivered two weeks early and was categorized as high risk.

While I was pregnant, I listened to many women's birth experiences and found it very helpful in learning what to expect. Yet, there were many that were horrifying. Some positive. Others filled with the woman's fear around childbirth - which I respect. It's scary and for years I was terrified about what the experience would be like.

I wanted to share with you why we can't fully plan our birth experience. The simple art of letting go helped me navigate these unchartered waters and it did put me at ease for the months and weeks leading up to delivery.

Inside this video on Instagram, I open up about our high risk delivery and the positive experience we. I hope this helps you!

I wasn’t expecting to get induced, but my 38-week routine checkup flipped our life upside down over the holiday season.

In this video I also share:

✨my birth plan and what I had to let go of in order to have a safe delivery

✨whether or not I took the drugs

✨what it was like to have a baby, even through a pandemic!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your love and support on this journey to motherhood. It’s been a rollercoaster and I’m still adjusting to life with a tiny human. You have been a saving grace during the entire experience and I’m happy to answer any additional questions you have!


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