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Cycle Syncing Weekly Routine: Follicular Phase

As you flow into your follicular phase, your hormone levels begin to rise, which naturally increases your energy. This is the best time of month to start putting action plans in place and how to execute your projects in the month ahead.

Your body needs to be fueled with all the new aha-moments and long awaited dreams that are coming to fruition.

To help you get more out of your follicular week, here is a quick weekly routine to add into your cycle syncing efforts:

1. Get Up Early & Workout

You may find you naturally need less sleep this week and you're excited to get up early. You have so many ideas coming at you, use that motivation to get a head start!

Working out first thing will keep your mood lifted for the rest of the day and you'll have more space after work.

I love setting my alarm 30 minutes earlier and heading to a workout class or using YouTube for some quick barre and HIIT workouts.

2. Green Smoothie

Your body craves light and fresh foods this week (think of how you eat in the spring!). Drinking one green smoothie a day will leave you feeling lighter and more energetic to tackle your day. Plus you'll sneak in a few extra fruit and vegetables.

Here are some of my smoothie essentials, found on the Balanced Bombshells Amazon Shop!

Need new recipes? Try my 30-day smoothie challenge with four smoothie recipes tailored for your cycle phases.

3. Try One New Thing

There's something so motivating about trying something new and breaking out of your routine. I find it releases new energy and breaks up any rut you may find yourself in.

During your follicular phase, you will have the most confidence to try something new. It can something simple like a new workout class or something that's been weighing on you for awhile by investing in that new online course you've been wanting to do.

Interested in cycle syncing and how to use your monthly cycle to improve your energy, mood and productivity? Take my free video course - Cycle Syncing Made Easy

4. Strategy Planning Sesh

Just like cleaning before your period feels like a therapy session, so does planning in your follicular phase! Grab your calendar and a note pad and jot down all your to-dos for the month. Then work backwards by planning out when you will actually accomplish your tasks. By planning on a monthly basis you free yourself from feeling lost on your goals. You have a built in system each month where your brain wants to plan your action items. Then for the rest of the month you'll just flow. You're no longer wasting time trying to figure out what needs to be done! Your cycle is your innate gift to being a woman and using it to your advantage is a must with how much you want to accomplish. If you find your efforts stalled or you're not feeling 100%, you'll love my Moody Meltdowns to Balanced Bombshell Program!

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