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Cycle Syncing Weekly Routine: Luteal Phase

Your luteal phase is a time to get so much stuff done! It can also be when most women start to feel PMS symptoms like low energy, mood swings and bloating. As you're balancing your cycle, you may find these symptoms start to subside.

I like to look at your luteal phase as two weeks. The first week you'll feel like you did in ovulation where your energy is higher and you feel more sociable. Then as you enter the week before your period, you can scale back in your life and create more space for relaxation.

To help you get more out of your menstrual week, here is a quick weekly routine to add into your cycle syncing efforts:

1. Press Snooze & Sleep In

In the later part of your luteal phase, you might find it harder to wake up at your normal time. Progesterone is rising and it's a very calming hormone, which can make you feel more sleepy. It's ok to sleep in an extra hour and give yourself a slower morning routine.

I find I can't just get up and go the week before my period. I like to sleep in a bit and do a slower workout like yoga, rather than something high intensity like a HIIT workout. This has become a much more grounding practice versus mentally beating myself up because I feel like I'm being lazy or not as motivated.

Our bodies talk to us and you'll start noticing this new rhythm as you practice cycle syncing.

2. Eat or Juice Beets

Beets are fantastic to increase your circulation, boost energy, and reduce bloating. They help bring more blood flow to your uterus and reduce inflammation which can help you with any PMS or period problems. And they naturally help cleanse your liver that'll lower fluid retention.

I love juicing them or adding one to a smoothie every day during my luteal phase. I swear I feel a rush of renewed energy!

3. Opt for Long, Steady Cardio

Instead of forcing yourself to do a HIIT workout or spin class that has loud music and strobe lights, opt for long and steady cardio. This can include jogging, walking, swimming, cycling, etc.

Your body is less resilient to stress the week before your period and you may find steady cardio feels better. It will also give you a chance to be outside and more space to think.

I love taking my son on my daily walk with me now that he's born! I try to partner it with his afternoon nap so we both get what we need 😊

Interested in cycle syncing and how to use your monthly cycle to improve your energy, mood and productivity? Take my free video course - Cycle Syncing Made Easy

4. Slay Your To-Do List

Your mind is in "get $h!T done" mode! Take time to write out a to-do list of anything you haven't gotten to this month and get to it. You are hyper focused on tidying up any odds and ends with your projects. This practice will keep you moving forward and feel like the therapy session you didn't know you needed!

Your cycle is your innate gift to being a woman and using it to your advantage is a must with how much you want to accomplish. If you find your efforts stalled or you're not feeling 100%, you'll love my Moody Meltdowns to Balanced Bombshell Program!

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