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How Your Monthly Cycle Impacts Your Hair & Products I'm Loving Right Now

We all want gorgeous hair... but have you noticed it changes in texture, oil production and how you can style it based on where you are in your monthly cycle? This has everything to do with how your hormones naturally fluctuate in your monthly cycle.

This is cycle syncing at the next level - preplanning how you can do your hair!

I first started noticing differences in hair texture when I started cycle syncing.

Some weeks I'd go days without needing to wash it and my hair felt long and beautiful. Then as my period started, I noticed it felt more oily and I needed to wash it more. Or I'd try to style it and it would just fall flat.

Our monthly cycle can cause changes in our hair, which also allows us to plan in advance from how often we wash it and how to style it. This has to do with more oil production at various times of our cycle, due to our natural hormone fluctuation.

I know now that during my period I'm going to save time by putting it in a low bun or a braid. While after ovulation, I'll get by for 3-4 days without washing it and it'll hold its curl beautifully.

How your monthly cycle can impact your hair:

1.Your hair can be more oily during ovulation, while you might see some new breakouts

Estrogen peaks at ovulation and can cause hair to become more oily. If you have excess estrogen, it can cause more breakouts along your jawline. Many women may notice cystic like acne at this time.

2. Your hair can be more soft and luscious before your period

Progesterone is your beauty hormone and as it rises in your luteal phase, it causes our hair to feel more soft and luxurious. You may find you can go longer between washes and when you style it, it does what you want.

This can help you plan when you'll have time to wash and style it, and feel good about only needing some hair touch ups for a few days.

3. Your hair may get oily again during your period

With the drop of estrogen and progesterone, signaling your period, your hair can follow suit and feel more oily.

If this happens, then you can plan on washing it more and plan for simple styles to get your hair out of your face.


What to do if you notice your hair quality worsening

If you're noticing your hair quality is changing and doesn't get better, I'd look at progesterone, which is your beauty hormone. It helps us have great hair!

Think of how many pregnant women have amazing hair for nine months - progesterone is really high during pregnancy! But we're also meant to have great hair without having a baby.

Here is a helpful blog post about six signs of low progesterone. If you feel you could be struggling in this area, you will love my mini course - 8 Steps to Naturally Increase Progesterone - which can improve the quality of your hair, among many other amazing benefits!

Do you love knowing you can cycle sync your hair care and styles all month long?


Hair Products I'm Loving Right Now

1. Prose

Prose is an individualized shampoo and hair supplement company and is one of my favorite new finds of 2022!

On their homepage you'll find a quiz that will determine your hair goals and even gets into where you live (the water and environment of where we live can impact our hair and scalp health). Based on your results, they'll make a shampoo and conditioner blend just for you. They can also make personalized supplement blends as well.

I first started using Prose in February and I have loved their hair products so far. I'm also trying their supplements, but it can take up to four months to notice a difference (this is the natural process of our hair cycle), so TBD on if they're worth it or not.

2. Wet Brush

I've been using the Wet Brush for a few years now (my old hair dresser introduced me to it) and it's been fantastic for detangling my hair! Whenever I wash my hair, it gets very knotted with being so long.

The Wet Brush is designed to help detangle your hair while reducing breakage. It glides over any knots, instead of pulling on them like most brushes.

I found it's easier to brush out my hair and I love anything that reduces breakage.

3. DIY Hair Oil for Regrowth

One of my hair goals is regrowth. I've been struggling a bit on one of my thyroid hormones being too low, and I've noticed it with not having as much regrowth in my hair.

As I work on getting my T3 levels back up, I've also been doing this DIY hair mask twice a week:

I mix these in a small bowl and apply to wet hair using this hair kit. I leave on for an hour or two before washing my hair (it takes some planning).

All of these have come up in my research about hair regrowth as being extremely helpful. They help nourish your scalp while stimulating the hair follicles for growth.

It's been about two months and I have noticed my hair feels fuller and softer. I have the best hair days after doing this mask and am excited to share it with you!

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